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For tutors the Nail Trainer's attributes make it the perfect teaching aid.

Health and safety and sanitisation is always a concern in the classroom when working on live models, however with the Nail Trainer these issues are eliminated.

The Nail Trainer is always on hand for students to practice on, so they will quickly gain experience and confidence, by the time they start working on models they will have already reached a significant level of competence.

As Nail Technicians expand their skills the Nail Trainer is a much easier way of learning all the different nail systems. You can teach any nail build technique in isolation, without the need to create a full extension.

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Benefits of the Nail Trainer:

No Cancelled Classes
Never again cancel a class due to lack of models. Nail Trainer ensures your classroom always has plenty of models!

Zero Health and Safety Concerns
Cross contamination is one of the biggest concerns during training, because this is the time students are most likely to cause an injury. With Nail Trainer there are zero health and safety and allergy concerns.

Learn Any System
Every nail system can be learnt on the Nail Trainer. Gel, acrylic, sculpting, fiberglass, nail art, airbrushing – everything you can do on a model, you can do on the Nail Trainer.

Save That Work
One of the Nail Trainer's best attributes is that student's work can be saved and then assessed by the tutor in their own time. Try doing that with a model!

Control in the Classroom
Remove the models and suddenly you have a new level of control in your classroom. You can teach what you like, when you like, as often as you like!

"Nail Trainer empowers tutors."
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