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The Nail Trainer

Years of research in collaboration with leading educators and nail technicians resulted in the creation of this unique practice hand. Now the Nail Trainer is used worldwide and is acknowledged by experts as being the best way for nail students to practice and master their nail skills.
The School Kit Nail Trainer is a budget version with all the benefits of the standard version and includes:

• The Nail Trainer hand, arm and desk-clamp.

• 20 Nail Refit Pack – these are the 'natural' nails on which students create nail extensions. All of the nails are the same shape and easy for students to work on.

• 4 x Multi Language Progress Cards – on which students can save their completed extensions.

• 1 x demo DVD – a short DVD showing footage of the Nail Trainer in use.

• Nail Trainer Manual.

Brand your Nail Trainer

The Nail Trainer has established itself as the world's most advanced Nail Technician training aid and is used by many of our leading international training partners.

If you are a training organisation, nail company or distributor and you would like your own brand Nail Trainers do please give us a call on 0044 (0) 1440 821 801 and we'll see what we can do.

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