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See what Nail Trainer users have to say...

Greg Salo
Young Nails - USA

"We just love the Nail Trainer! It seriously is the best training tool I have ever worked with!!!"

Markus Hennig
Professional Nails - Germany

"The company Professional Products has been selling the Nail Trainer by Essential Nails for many years and we have experienced that there is no better training tool to imitate the human hand so close to reality. The materials used for this product are convincing and the foundation of a good, high-quality education. This is a product to be recommended!"

Mey Liang
Magentic Nails - Netherlands

"Here at Magnetic Nails we have used the Nail Trainer successfully through our world-wide educational programme for 12 years and will continue to do so. It ís the only effective training tool for Nail Students."

Reni Morbrandt
NSI - Sweden

"We have been using the Nail Trainer in our training for years. Itís a great educational tool and you can see students improve faster when using it!"

Peggy Spill
The Beauty Company - Netherlands

"We have received some super comments from our customers regarding the Nail Trainer. Not only is it used within their education centres and schools, but it is often used with experienced nail techs to test new techniques before trying it on their customers or simply to practice on to improve speed of application! It's easy to use, it's always available, it's a must for nail techs!"
Gina Wallace
The Nail Training Store - USA

"Distributing Nail Trainer has been the best career move of my life.

Within one hour of "hands-on" use, it is easy to understand how Nail Trainer not only speeds the learning process, but its life-like design completely eliminates the need for live models to practice on. Nail Trainer is the only viable solution to achieving unlimited practice. Students are able to master nail skills in record time and with added confidence.

Angelo Colledan
AME - Greece

"All our training for our 24 salons and our wholesale division are done exclusively on the Nail Trainer. There is no other training guide more realistic for developing modern nail technicians."

John Mascarini
CLIC International - USA

"We have always encouraged the use of the Nail Trainer. It provides students with boundless opportunities to hone their skills."

Najet Hamila Strand
NH Nails Academy - Sweden

"We have experienced that we get better results faster, when our students use it the Nail Trainer! We see that it is very efficient, a wonderful tool for the students to have and use. Thank you."

Lady Nail - Mexico
"As Mexico's biggest educator, we only use the best products. That's why we chose the Nail Trainer. Great product, great service, and great support!"

Sarah Frettingham
Tutor - New College Nottingham. UK

"We have used the nail trainer in our lessons for a numbers of years now, and we now don't know how we managed without it! As a tutor it allows all of my students the opportunity to be working practically at home and at college, at their convenience. It is definitely the next best thing to a real life client. The nail trainers have even been highlighted as good practice by our external verifier."
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