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For distributors Nail Trainer is a proven and unique, high value product. It's the number one practice hand used by schools and colleges throughout the world.

Interest from your customers will be high, making Nail Trainer a superb way to boost your company's sales. Whether you're a product distributor or nail company we have a price structure to ensure you a lucrative return.

Nail companies love the Nail Trainer as students learn faster and to a higher standard – they acquire clients more quickly, so they're restocking nail products more quickly!

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The Nail Trainer is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish versions and to help you reach lots more potential customers we can help you with friendly advice on how to market the Nail Trainer to your best advantage.

Not only is the Nail Trainer the most popular and widely used Nail Training & Practice Tool in the world, it's now available at a great Distributor price too!

So, it's a tool that every Nail Technician, Student, College and Academy needs!

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